Pastured Poultry

turkey and meat bird

We raise broad breasted white turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Meals. They are certified organic by MOFGA, raised on pasture and fed organic grains.  With plenty of room to roam, they develop great flavor and texture.  We routinely hear from customers that our turkey is "the best they have ever tasted!".

Cornish Rock cross chickens are raised throughout the summer on the farm.  Poultry Meat is available until it sells out in the fall/winter.  We stagger raising multiple groups of birds throughout the summer on pasture. 

Transporting the birds to the nearest poultry processing facility would be nearly an hour drive from the farm. So, in the fall of 2017, we began processing the birds on the farm under a 1000 bird exemption through the State of Maine Department of Agriculture. By processing them ourselves, the birds experience much less stress.


Woodland Pork

Sow raising her piglets in the woods

Our pigs are a mix of our favorite breeds: Gloucester Old Spot, Duroc, White Landrace. Sows are selected for their mothering ability and piglets thrive in the natural environment of the Maine woods. Pigs are important to our farm for several reasons: they produce valuable products, meats and lard; they are happy to consume the large volumes of whey from our cheese making operation; and help to clear the underbrush from the wooded areas we want to turn in to pastureland.