Sow raising her piglets in the woods

Our pigs are a mix of our favorite breeds: Gloucester Old Spot, Duroc, White Landrace. Sows are selected for their mothering ability and piglets thrive in the natural environment of the Maine woods. Pigs are important to our farm for several reasons: they produce valuable products, meats and lard; they are happy to consume the large volumes of whey from our cheese making operation; and help to clear the underbrush from the wooded areas we want to turn in to pastureland.

We farrow in the spring and fall- weaned piglets are available for sale. Contact Doug at the farm for livestock sales.


Normande cows are prized for the quality of their meat as well as their milk. When we retire a cow from the milking herd, we have beef availble at farmers market. 


We calve year round in order to have a steady supply of milk for cheese making. Calves are available on a rolling basis.