Balfour Farm

About Balfour Farm

Balfour Farm is a certified organic dairy in Pittsfield, Maine. The main focus of the farm is to provide high quality fresh milk, yogurt, and cheeses to the community, with an emphasis on eating locally. Our products will be available on the farm as well as at local farmer's markets and select stores. Visit our products page to view our products and where you can find them. The creamery is located right on the farm, where all of our products are produced, starting with our own organic milk.

The cows on Balfour farm are a mix of Normande, Red and White Holstein, and Jersey cattle. Normande cattle are a dual purpose breed and can be used for both milking and beef. Our cows are fed a primarily grass-based diet, including rotational grazing on our 100 acre farm. Balfour farm is also home to a flock of laying hens and a couple pigs.

About the Donahue Family

New Hampshire natives Doug and Heather first started farming with their daughters Emily and Erin in 1998. What started as a hobby farm with 12 chickens and a pig grew to include some beef cattle and a dairy cow. Doug and Heather enjoyed farming so much they left their jobs as a contractor and school teacher and moved to northern New York, operating under the name of Donahue Family Farm. After 6 years of running a beef and then organic dairy farm, the Donahues decided to move back to New England to operate on a smaller scale and be closer to family.

In December of 2010, Doug and Heather purchased a 100 acre farm on the Webb Road in Pittsfield, Maine. They downsized their herd from about 50 organic dairy cows to 13 and moved them east along with several calves and heifers, two pigs, and the laying flock. The Donahues completed construction and licensing of the creamery in March 2011 and began attending farmers' markets in May 2011. They currently offer unpasteurized milk, yogurt, and a variety of fresh and aged cheeses.

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